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Reforged Rhapsody in the first nine six chapters north to me _ o

Export to gossip girl two theatre version of the overseas reflect things done !!after two I can finally breathe a mo .URL although this time did not know gossip girl in the two movie can by SARFT review ,but Shen Hongxing is confident that no problem .
After all .In the two version of the movie ,no live line. Gossip girl series was originally a warmth to animation ,which didn exist &quot ;boyfriend &quot ;this kind of thing ,even the male characters are very little, originally, the play is a warm feeling .
But Shen Hongxing doesn with China this time another director, like in the movie of what ,then look in Shen Hongxing idle boring .He shot two gossip girl movie ,especially the female version, is fully discussed anything ,just honest to tell a story.
He is know, people are smart ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,with the director to education ?People have been to buy dozens of pieces of money ticket ran cinemas to education? If even Shen Hongxing the two film can smoothly through the radio and television inspection, the radio is the question .
Radio and television have problems ?Of course !Shen Hongxing is sometimes thought ,and to encourage the domestic films ,but review too loose .like Nanjing Nanjing what kind of film ,radio and television have been let it ?Of course ,that is what human nature ,what the enemy is not all bad .
The reason ,Shen Hongxing pinch the nose also admitted ,Adidas Wings,diamond ring can this film ?Oh ,no, the movie was not called diamond ring ,called lust .Since Shen Hongxing first saw is a domestic version ,no leakage * point play, so Shen Hongxing can see the * * * to the woman buy a diamond ring, and then a woman betrayed ,then let Shen Hongxing feel ,this movie name wrong .
Shouldn lust ,but should be called the diamond ring .Later Shen Hongxing from universal gaze to get a full version of the lust come and see, feel excluded those who attract male hormone picture ,director Ang Lee is really very bad told a very dubious story .
lust whole story ?Isn just a &quot ;through the conquest of the female reproductive organs to conquer the woman brain &quot ;this sentence ?Ang Lee is very bad in electric Shadow which bring into the role of the audience all retreat blocked the former boyfriend of the revolutionary youth too suck ,didn cherish yourself ,leave a path to Ang Lee arrange way ,let the audience had to follow him to let you choose to choose ,finally got a make you feel choking results .
But director Ang Lee also is through the film tells a very unprintable things ,really through radio and television review. That says .Radio tube is loose or tight ?So met so &quot ;&quot ;radio and television ,Shen Hongxing is not worried about being stuck .
He rested for two days to allow the body to slow hot ,with a plateau to the back of shoe factory .Earlier because of busy doing gossip girl ending ,so I can come back to factory management ,Shen Hongxing also can lose a plan book give Hao Yunlai the director Shen Hongxing ,now free, it is natural to have a look back to factory condition .
The back of shoe later. Hao Yunlai Shen Hongxing received a director ,Shen Hongxing in the sand sit above ,asked :&quot ;shoes template transformation situation how ?&quot ;&quot ;well ,I Yesterday were specially made some out ,otherwise, I called for the &quot ;?Asked Hao Yunlai .
&quot ;well, line ,used to have a look .&quot ;Shen Hongxing nodded . He for this awesome warrior shoes &quot ;&quot ;but the whole road will help return to, first he free help Jai advocacy advertising, then back to Hollywood ,the second half of the year in cooperation with Will Smith and flicker Will Smith the &quot .
&quot ;cooked ;in return ,help promotion back .Then slowly in the Hollywood out of fame ,then specialized in Hollywood as a &quot ;back to store &quot ;such as home media surprise is the news, Shen Hongxing will take back their advertisements broadcast in the country .
So that we can immediately use international star &quot &quot ;back ;&quot ;smelly shoes &quot ;this concept from the hearts of the people to erase ,or to simply in the domestic marketing ,too much trouble .
After a while ,Hao Yunlai from the workshop ran back ,brought in several different sizes of shoes he doesn Shen Hongxing much ,for fear that Shen Hongxing would like to try ,so you can just get a few double over Shen Hongxing a look .
The Secretary arms holding a bunch of as like as two peas shoes ,it also reflected the secret :&quot ;the line, I can it. &quot ;from the secretary took over the shoes ,Shen Hongxing smiled and told Hao Yunlai said :&quot ;your secretary is good, but very clever .
Net &quot ;Hao Yunlai this time a Shen Hongxing has praised Secretary Shen Hongxing is it right? Want to put the Secretary transferred to ,and can only say good words :&quot ;small friends college graduated to our factory ,particularly clever mind .
&quot ;Shen Hongxing didn say anything ,his personal secretary is a good ,the whole shoes on a white surface ,on both sides a crayon drawing style star sign .Then shoes heel position ,also requested by Shen Hongxing plus a convenient portable canvas strip which is for the convenience of wearing shoes ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,canvas too much friction and lead fingers do not pull heel .
This small set in leaving a century canvas shoes which can see frequently ,as &quot &quot ;sports shoes ;the back is always did. Shen Hongxing looks at the shoes ,but feel very satisfied.
He sat above deposit sand ,took off his boots ,put on this new Jai shoes after ,That He nodded his head ,said :&quot ;line ,so good. We will not just sports shoe factory ,we must show canvas shoes ,the shoes is a beginning .
&quot ;&quot ;casual canvas shoes ?Secondhand car trading market &quot ;Hao Yunlai winked silly look to Shen Hongxing, in his concept of it, really do not know this thing also casual canvas shoes ?&quot ;well, leisure ,usually with friends go out ,wearing the shoes too formal ,but walk much foot discomfort .
Wearing Nike Addie Das shoes is too hot ,the wearing canvas shoes is best ,and breathable and comfortable ,but also easy to match clothes .&quot ;Shen Hong Hao Yunlai and Shen Hongxing this, quickly ran to the side of a Book respectfully down ,he is old, do not understand the market.
In Shen Hongxing to buy the factory before, he also is to place inside the main leaders to discuss whether or not to go to the bank borrowing the introduction of leather shoes production lines ,he knows sports shoes in this way down to a &quot &quot ;death ;word .
But heard Shen Hongxing ,he instantly react, yes ,his son doesn wearing shoes ,usually dressed in cloth shoes everywhere To run ,to go out to play with my friends ,but also can not wear shoes, do not wear shoes, how he forgot this .
If their ideas do leather shoes before then ,estimates may not certain good sell ,,at this time ,Shen Hongxing mobile phone rang suddenly ,Shen Hongxing take a look, it is Xu Xiaoyan on the phone ,Sunshine beach walk,he asked, pick up :&quot ;Xiaoyan sister ,can lie calf &quot ;phone Xu Xiaoyan said :&quot ;well .
On the red star ,ah ,there is another matter to return ,you talk ?&quot ;&quot ;convenient ,you said it. &quot ;Shen Hongxing said with a smile .&quot ;the first thing is ,you what ah ,now seems to enrollment of over 10 million.
The highest number of on-line at the same time Jin million, then people seems to have noticed it ,that is to send a reporter past interview you said Xu Xiaoyan .&quot ;double ?So soon ?&quot ;Shen Hongxing was a little surprised ,though he knew &quot ;Matthew effect .
This size effect meaning ,but did not expect the March has just advised million ,this June immediately and one million ?How will people and winter attention to such things ?They are on the the network thing at So tight ?&quot ;Oh ,,I don ,I was listening to Qiu Hong report said that over 10 million .
With a little awkward .Xu Xiaoyan said ,&quot ;for ,the people interview thing to say? You accept ?&quot ;&quot ;accept ,of course he accepted .It is to do the interview ,but I don press his says no,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, but also the way to help us propaganda film .
&quot ;Shen Hongxing laughs ,in a capitalist tone . &quot ;well, also Xu Xiaoyan said with a smile ,&quot ;then the second thing ,a lot of people went to the University of domestic Hong Kong is coming ,they are rushing play you &quot ;huh? .
Shen Hongxing heard of it was dumbfounded ,he little replied ,&quot ;I have two ?Wait ,plateau, we are high on ?Yes .I am ,how they come to ?What the school ah ?Shen Hongxing &quot ;because of this more than a year since it did not go to school ,so a time is not too remember is the high school grades ,have turned to ask plateau can be identified.
&quot ;of course high school will come to you ,see you now show up ,now come to you more than a dozen University then robbed ,if wait until next year It also ?Not Harvard fierce this international schools are run to grab ?&quot ;Xu Xiaoyan laughed and joked, &quot ;now I have a look ?Ah ,now more famous is the Peking University Fudan South Dawu mansion in south traffic ,network began to Peking University Fudan are cattle ,that is to be sent you into Chinese system ,the results of a look so many famous school to steal ,they immediately the mouth ,said that as long as you go ,whatever you choose what departments .
Yes, there is the China drama academy ,The most excellent online shop promotion shoes handbags online shopping,Beijing Film Academy ,Shanghai Theater Academy ,several with the movie related colleges and universities also want to call you ,but see Peking University Fudan traffic run they ,This summer, we give the good luck Beijing beach volleyball!,to &quot ;&quot ;what ha ,I just love west University of the Pacific ,I wanted to be Tang Jun alumni .
&quot ;hearing before Xu Xiaoyan jokingly said Harvard and than fierce, also is the United States at the University of California, Los alum ,Shen Hongxing Le quips .Past Shen Hongxing in the rebirth before, but there is fortunate to see the &quot ;my success can be replicated .
The schoolmate Tang Jun hoax was revealed, by * * expose it turned out that he was never in the United States is registered inside the University ,he only received American University degree ,is a pheasant university &quot ;the United States of America West University of the Pacific &quot ;diploma.
And the American West University of the Pacific diploma, can directly buy ,flying a $ .&quot ;Tang Jun ?That Microsoft China President West too big ??very famous ?Never heard ,Xu Xiaoyan heard Shen Hongxing muttered, curious and asked her schoolmate at college .
But there were a few classmates run inside the study ,since she had heard what Xu Xiaoyan West is too large. &quot ;that guy is the president of Microsoft China ,that guy is also let him in the Microsoft headquarters of a man, with e-mail wrote a hired him as president of Microsoft China letter only, Microsoft the official did not deny .
Besides Microsoft China is not a big place ,the piracy so much ,they have been run here to open branch? That is a center level division .Shen Hongxing laughed and said. &quot ;really? That guy is a liar ?&quot ;Xu Xiaoyan a Shen Hongxing, surprised voice asked.
Woman ,nature inside like this kind of gossip .&quot ;basically almost ,but this year, lie is a talent and technology ,anyway, no matter what we do ,he also Do not deceive people money or there ,only deceive those explosion door capitalists ,we why bother ?Theatre .
&quot ;Shen Hongxing jolly said ,he was like Xu Xiaoyan, ass is sitting in the old people here ,if Tang Jun deceive people the Shen Hongxing will all winter but deceives the capitalist money ,that Shen Hongxing is willing to move small bench beside the theatre .
Note .And Xu Xiaoyan finished these gossip ,Shen Hongxing began to seriously think Xu Xiaoyan just said those school ,thought a long time have no clue, and then said :&quot ;Xu Jie ,you let their school people have left the dielectric .
Enrollment, then leave a contact phone number ,then let them go back to go ,I can one thirty while also harbor ,here to busy things .But now isn to think of these things ,back time I think Shen Hongxing is now slowly one thirty ,it will not settle down to which school .
It anyway ,Peking University ,Fudan University, traffic this school more famous !The previous time ,Shen Hongxing middle school really dream yourself on the north or schools .This is Shen Hongxing A dielectric ,dream ,however ,Shen Hongxing later on is a relatively common a school ,the school is mediocre ,but there has been accompanied by the years of good brothers .
What in some respects ,Shen Hongxing identity to no good to school gold point little can be said ,what this school is using flow star name book to raise their face ,Shen Hongxing &quot ;can be very arrogant direct refused all schools, and then went to the University in the country ranked eighty in the number of &quot &quot ;Alma mater ;the inside school.
It on both sides of the ideas in Shen Hongxing mind at one thirty while not a victory or defeat, Shen Hongxing also did not have already decided now is high ?One years, slowly about it.
So he simply put .&quot ;the line ,I went to them. Right, the people reporter ,a what time ?&quot ;Xu Xiaoyan asked. &quot ;interview? Next Saturday, this week and next week I have some things to do ,next weekend should be empty .
&quot ;Shen Hongxing wanted to head the time arrangement, says he now has with the world .The films are set to the same release, so natural to do commercials out ,he Shen Hongxing is best at is not a wave of creative advertising bombing ,to other countries that have not received on earth Shen Hongxing creative baptism in the audience were bombing &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;the line again .
,then the next week, Shanghai .&quot ;Xu Xiaoyan said ,she told Shen Hongxing that the reporter mobile phone number ,convenient for the reporter Shen Hongxing at that time ,then hung up the phone .
&quot ;&quot ;see how ?In Shen Hongxing hung up the phone ,and there still remember his education before Shen Hongxing content ,then secretly asked Shen Hongxing .&quot ;school came to me in the north of what have, is said to go after, pick the faculties.
&quot ;Shen Hongxing whispered. &quot ;true tart ?&quot ;plateau eye one bright ,then suddenly seem to think what small mouth and toot up .See plateau this suddenly dim down to look ,Shen Hongxing was surprised ,and asked :&quot ;how the little pumpkin ?How suddenly and unhappy ?.
&quot ;what do I do? So long since I read a book ,certainly does not test the plateau Du Zhuozui Commission Flexion . Of course she wants to tell Shen Hongxing the last school ,but Shen Hongxing has walked, she didn walk .
Others schools did not say to her ,that she was with Shen Hongxing the day before do not read a book ,even before the may also study hard admitted to Peking University ,now almost two summer vacations .
,use a year of time was also could not fight to the north . &quot ;silly girl ,want you ?I would you ?Your mind to think what? We are certainly are packaged together in a school ,which if not you ,I do not it ,is it.
&quot ;Shen Hongxing was in the girl idea amused ,shook his head and said with a smile .He Shen Hongxing is that although his wife ,regardless of who ?Little girl for him to pay so much, now to be able to keep up with him, still struggled with him as secretary ,everyday is going at the corporate governance or the economic aspects of the book, how can he put aside the little girl no matter have ?&quot ;really? &quot ;plateau to Shen Hongxing ,eyes are fast peach ,watery eyes clear full of surprises and a touching friendship turns around the finger .
&quot ;but if the packaged Words ,they did not agree how to do ah ?.little girl and instantly worried ,she was really afraid now Idiot delayed Shen Hongxing .&quot ;stupid .Shen Hongxing like touching the baby touch plateau head ,said :&quot ;in the United States ,an old couple ,they the son was particularly wanted to go to Yale and Harvard ,later to die ,the school is not enrolled their son .
So the old couple angry, directly from the bank pumping cash out ,in the Yale or Harvard School ,built a university ,dedicated to his son. That school is quite famous, called the Stanford University listen to Shen Hongxing this as the father, daughter of popular science education ,the plateau eyes lit up, full of hope as Shen Hongxing .
Of course she was moved ,what could be better than lover say this vow also let the woman moved? Afraid of the most famous universities don we ?Just spend money on building a the most famous institution of higher learning better than the University ,specifically for the two of us !Plateau this time, heart moved to feel all quickly changed, only think of his life just to die with Shen Hongxing .
On ,students ,is Shen Hongxing ,Shen Hongxing is dead ,the dead .This life, she plateau man is this the boy ,never regret .Shen Hongxing in boomerang factory for half a day ,with the guidance of Hao Yunlai how to put back the traditional carton packaging made more fashion ,while factory production version of the old warrior sneakers ,then put those in the warehouse has good production version of the old shoes can dispose of it was original ,not on price.
Shen Hongxing was also thought to put these old versions of Jai shoes hoarded ,then wait until a few years later fired. But think carefully, Jai shoes it was not rare ,and there are many small shoe factory at any time estimate can copycat version of the old ,so the corner down it means nothing ,he gave up the idea.
In return factory guidance finished, Shen Hongxing returned to the studio ,this time ,he is to begin to prepare gossip girl two animated films in the next version of the advertisement .
Or ,say it the point of tangency, is to give the female version of the movie for the language ,and then combined with the next version of the ad two short films .After all ,the last female version of advertising is only broadcast in the mainland ,as the dialogue is Chinese .
Relationship ,almost no overseas played .Now female version of the movie version is also sold overseas broadcasting rights, then with multilingual edition should also be .Stanford University is the origin of really ,really old couple to his son and the establishment of international schools .
So Standford is a private university ,tuition fee is not cheap .In addition ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,I wrote the note &quot ;that is to say Shen Hongxing can be found in small bench above laugh at the trick Tang Jun capitalists when, suddenly remember ,now a sense, my boss ,a Chen millionaire ,seems to be down sb to lie to &quot ;&quot ;too .
When writing, cold sweat dripping ,but later just think ,caregivers are the Yisifumu is more important, the boss, he should not told me this little people regardless of the &quot ;?You see I have so sacrifice yourself ,not to run to ground roll .
Seeking monthly obituary ( to read the novel network ) source: This is really I laughed my head off .~ ~ ~ converse launched 2011 series of spring and summershoes decision

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